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Tanning Lotions

Looking for products that will leave you feeling flawless? Urban Tan Lounge guarantees top of the line products at incomparable market rates. Swing by and take home one of our famous Lotions and experience the magic today.



EyEnvy®, amongst its other products, is an exclusive product that is sold only in spas and salons around the world. This helps ensure proper instructions for application, and that procedures are properly explained to you so that you may achieve maximum results.  Ask now for more information.

Silver Colloid

The All natural germ killer, Nature's Antibiotic in the purest form available.  Helps in preventing colds, flu and all organism caused diseases.


Avena Originals

Avena Originals believes that every disease condition can be improved (in many cases permanently reversed) when you know how to activate the tremendous regenerating force that is within you. Vibrant health is natural. It should be simple.  Ask us how we can help.

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